Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Review: Surge by Amity Cross

Title: Surge
Author: Amity Cross
Source: ARC
Released: August 3, 2016


Dean Hayes has always fought in the shadow of his identical twin, Lincoln. 
Climbing the ranks of professional MMA is his entire life, he’s never once stopped to forge anything meaningful outside of the octagon. Instead, he’s fixated on unrequited feelings for a woman who only ever used him for her own end. 
After ten years hoping for a miracle, holding onto his hopeless fantasy could cost Dean his one shot at true love…and he doesn’t even know it. 

When Josie Cunningham left her dead end job to become the Public Relations manager for the hottest pair of fighters in the AUFC—the Hayes Twins—she never knew how wild the ride was going to be. 
Dean has been thorn in her side from day one, constantly pushing her buttons…including the one right over her heart. Bending the rules and none the wiser for her secret attraction, he tears at her self-control until she snaps under the pressure. 
When Josie decides to act on her feelings, her world is turned upside down… And she’s thrown right in the path of the storm of the century with no way to shield her heart. 

With the middleweight title up for grabs, all’s fair in love, war…and the octagon.


I've loved every book in the Beat & Pulse series from Amity Cross and Surge was no exception.  Surge brought us the final book in the series and gives us Dean's story. 

Dean and Lincoln have always done everything together, always on the same page, and then Linc ran off and got himself a steady girl and Dean was left behind in that respect. But Dean wants more, he wants what Linc has, the steady girl, a love to live for, but he doesn't know where to start. First, he's got to move on from the woman he thinks holds his heart. 

Josie doesn't know how it happened, how she developed a crush on Dean, or how she ended her relationship with Hamish to act on it.  But one things for sure, once Josie admits her feelings, her life takes a 180.  Nothing's the same, and Josie's battling more than just feelings for a man she thinks couldn't possibly want her.  

Dean's beside himself when he discoveres Josie's feelings for him, shocked beyond belief, but the more thinks about it, the more he finds himself wanting to work it out between them.  Dean's up agaisnt the fight of his life, and we're not talking in the ring. 

Surge gives us the struggle Dean and Josie go through on their way to finding each other and holding on. Drama, misunderstandings, and emotional fears lurking to steal away happiness all take part in the story.  I loved the glimpses into the other characters lives, Ren and Ash's wedding, Linc and Violet, Coach, and even an update on Monica (No spoilers here, but I could have done with out her presence).  I loved the push and pull between Dean and Josie as they struggled with their careers as well, trying to find a balance between the two aspects of their lives.  Their relationship wasn't easy, it wasn't instant happiness, but anything less than the story they got, wouldn't have fit them either. 

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