Monday, September 5, 2016

Release Blitz: Draw Play by Tia Lewis

Title: Draw Play
Author: Tia Lewis
Genre: Sexy Sports Romance
 Release Date: September 5, 2016


I can’t believe my coach assigned me a tutor. I’m all that on the field and between the sheets—who cares about my stupid grades?

But Claire doesn’t treat me like I’m dumb. When we’re not busy fighting, she actually encourages me. And with those sexy curves of hers, I know just how to thank her. 


I hate football players, but I need the money. Jake is just as cocky and arrogant as the worst of them … but his touch sets me on fire.

I have to believe he’s different, that he won’t use me and break my heart. Because I can’t stop wanting him. I just hope I survive the ride.

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A few minutes later my phone vibrated on the table, and I read a text message that sent shivers down my body.

I want you, Claire. I'll make you beg. I'll fuck you until you can't feel your legs. Whisper in your ear to come for me while you dig your nails into my back.

“Oh my God,” I blushed uncontrollably as his hand made its way back onto my legs. “Jake, stop!”

“Do you really want me to?” he whispered, moving steadily upward. “Tell me you really want me to, and I will.”

I should have. I knew that I should have. I should have made Jake stop. We were in the library, for crying out loud. People studied there. And we weren’t alone.

I looked around. I didn’t see any cameras. At the same time, that sneaky hand reached the inside of my thigh. I gasped, closing my eyes.

“I’ll stop. I will.” His hand disappeared up my skirt.

I opened my legs slightly, aching for his touch.

“Hmm,” he whispered, “I think you want me to keep going.”

Draw Play was a interesting sports romance that pulled me in from page one.  Jake and Claire both caught my attention and had me curious to know more of their stories. 

Jake's a football star loving life the way it is, the game, the parties, his frat, and just enjoying everything. He's not a dumb guy, but when his grades are floundering, and his coach decrees he needs help, Jake doesn't want help, he doesn't want to come off as someone who can't keep up with his grades.  

Claire's got history with football players, a not so fun history, but one that left an impression on her. When she finds out she's in charge of tutoring one of the football star, she's not happy about the situation at all, but she needs the money, so she decides to make the best of it. 

I loved the interaction between these two, from their first explosive meeting to each scene after. The chemistry was in your face, and the tension between them palpable.   I enjoyed watching as they got to know each other, as they learned the other and realized their initial  
impressions of each other were not the truth at all. 

I loved Claire's sass and her determination to see the job through, even when it wasn't what she wanted or expected to be doing.  She really felt like a girl I could hang out with and adore and I felt connected to her.  Jake was a little hard, he enjoyed his party lifestyle but also didn't want to fail at school or anything, he also found he wanted more than he'd come to have until now.  

The relationship between these two really changed and grew as they did, and it felt realistic and natural. I enjoyed watching as each part of the story unfolded, building up and giving glimpses into the past that helped understand the characters. 

 Author Bio

Tia Lewis is a romance author from the Midwest who writes about smart, sexy, sassy women and hot, possessive alpha males. Her favorite bad boys to write about include sports players, mafia, bikers, billionaires and the bad-ass next door. You can find her cooking, reading, or traveling when she’s not busy working on her next release.

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