Thursday, September 8, 2016

Review: Virtues by Megan Mitcham

Title: Virtues
Series: Base Branch book 8
Source: ARC
Release Date: 9/7/2016
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Once they’re gone, can you ever get them back?

As a CIA spy turned traitor to her country, Cara Lee kissed her virtues goodbye long ago. After seventeen years, her retribution ended with the burial of her enemy and a fresh start with her daughter. If only she could forgive herself enough to rebuild their relationship.

Luck—her daughter’s fiancé—wasn’t Cara’s only attempt at atonement. She took Marina Sorensen off a Swedish street corner and schooled her in the art of survival. Too bad the girl sold her and Luck out to the thugs of Brödraskapet.

Her disciplined nature prods Cara to tie the loose end—one way or the other. But the commander of the UN’s special forces has other plans. The last thing she wants is another government job. Given an ultimatum—and a babysitter—she plays along.

Tyler Grace should have been a farmer in east Texas, but the universe had other plans. A tactical expert for the Base Branch, when he finds a problem, he seeks the best way to fix it. Cara presents an obstacle he’s ill prepared to conquer—but he’ll die trying.

Struggling to sort through her past, Cara clings to the one virtue she has left, while Tyler dares to prove she never lost them.


In Versions, we were introduced to Cara Lee and got to know a little about her past, but not the depths of it all, so I was already looking forward to Virtues because I really enjoyed the small glimpses we got into her. Cara is so similar to other heroines in the series, but also not comparable at all.

Cara, Rin, and Luck are all brought to an underground meeting where they are all offered a job within Base Branch, and Cara's offered a second chance at freedom to live her life. But its hard for Cara to trust anyone and she doesn't want her kids to be involved in anything like what Base Branch is offering. There's still so much from her past that Cara hasn't shared, that she doesn't want to share, but she knows its waiting out there and could come back, come after her and those she loves.
Cara realizes if she wants a real future with her daughter, a life not lived on the run and seemingly borrowed time, she'll have to confront her past and face the present head on.  What she doesn't expect is that there will be someone who wants to help her do it all.

Tyler was such a nut to crack, he's hard on himself, he feels guilt often and wonders how those around him don't seem to. He finds himself intrigued by Cara, there's something there, but she doesn't want to give him a chance, in truth, she seems to want nothing to do with him, but Tyler doesn't let that hold him back.  Their interactions were rife with tension, a lack of trust, and feelings of unworth amongst other issues.  But when Tyler finds himself pulled into the middle of Cara's haunting past, things change.

Virtues is an amazing addition to the series, with characters that are strong, that are willing to fight, and just enough suspense to keep you on edge and wondering what will come next.  This story left a build up into the next book which will be connected and give us more answers in the overall ARC of the story.  I loved the glimpes we got of base branch operatives in this story, telling us where those characters are now and showing how base branch operates as a close knit group, a family of sorts.

I, for one, can't wait to dive into variations and see what's coming for these characters and the future of Base Branch.

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