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Review: Absolute Corruption by Cayce Poponea

Title: Absolute Corruption
Author: Cayce Poponea
Release 5/2/16
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ABSOLUTE CORRUPTION Book Two in the bestselling Southern Justice Trilogy 
“Hold a door open for your girl, not because it’s expected of you, but because it gives you a moment to appreciate her as she walks ahead of you.” 
Austin Morgan left the safety of his home in Charleston, accepting a position in New York City to make a name for himself. He wanted to earn his reputation through hard work, inventive ideas, dedication, and not by the legacy or influence of his family’s name. His dedication to work leaves little time for a social life or the promises forgotten, creating the perfect opportunity for deception to reach its greedy hand out and grab ahold of this Southern born gentlemen. What will happen when he has to make an unexpected trip home and rediscovers what is really important? Will his eyes finally be opened to the deceit and misplaced trust of those around him? 
“Never let the fear of falling keep you from learning how to fly.” 

Lainie Perry has never backed down from a challenge her entire life. She has come to count on her wits and stamina in achieving her goals. She has left her fears and those who would prey upon them in the dust. What happens, though, when her latest adversary exists only in her mind? Can she win the battle when the imagined enemy is already dead? Or will she need to seek help for this struggle? 
Can these two find the help they need in each other? The answer is... Absolute Corruption, the second installment of the Southern Justice Trilogy.


Cayce Poponea has done it again and brought us yet another delicious Southern male in Austin Morgan. 

Absolute Corruption brings us the story of Austin and Lainie who found something amazing in one another. This book continues parts of the story in book one, Absolute Power, bringing us some more details and showing us how things have changed for the Morgan Brothers. I love how Poponea delivers the history of the Morgan boys and ties it along with their current life through Grandpa-isms and memories they share. 

Lainie is such a unique character, she's traumatized, but she does her best to overcome the trauma, she doesn't want to be pitied and does her best to buck up and move on. I love her relationship with her sister, growing up the way they did, it would be easy to see Lainie cutting her losses and not giving a care, but she's stronger than that. While she may not always understand her sisters choices or agree with them, she wants to maintain their relationship and she wants the best for her. 

When Lainie finds herself feeling a connection to Austin, it's scary for her, the risks of putting her heart on the line, of relying on a man who may or may not understand the way her life has been molded are high. But Austin shows her in actions, in words, and in every way he can that he can be trusted with her fragile self. 

Austin has sort of been lost, living in New York, going through the motions, but knowing he'd rather be back home, he finally makes that step when his grandfather dies and he catches his then-live in cheating. It's like a sign, that its time to return home. Upon meeting Lainie, Austin is a changed man, he finds himself wanting to be worthy of a woman like her and knows she's the type of woman he's been waiting for. 

The mysterious angles abound, pulling you in and keeping you wondering what the Morgan boys will find next and how it will affect not only them, but those around them. I love how we overlapping stories from the previous book and what I'm positive will lap over into the next book. It brings the familial bonds to life to watch as the brothers tie things together and even as they fight amongst each other when disagreements arise. 

I love that Austin and Lainie's journey together isn't typical or easy, they have issues to work through, trust problems, internal fears, haunting past memories, but they finally learn to trust in one another, that the other will be there no matter what. I love that for each of the Morgan men, once they find that ONE woman, their life changes, they realize all the things they've been taught about respect, and love, and that special woman comes to the forefront and they are goners, doing anything and everything they can to protect her, to stand by her, and above all be the best man they can for her.

All throughout the story there are secrets and lies, schemers and liars. There is something lurking around the entire family. Poponea is building up to a huge reveal that is sure to rock the world off all of the Morgan men. I for one can't wait for the next book to discover how it all unfolds.

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