Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Review: Loving Deep by Tracey Devlyn

Title: Loving Deep
Author: Tracey Devlyn
Source: ARC
Release Date: 11/15/2016

Kobo: http://bit.ly/2fPEM7V Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30551610-loving-deep


A rugged mountain man falls for his beautiful neighbor, the one person who can save his beloved red wolves and whose business depends on their destruction.

Britt Steele is on a mission to protect endangered red wolves in the mountains of North Carolina. But when the wolves’ territory is threatened, he clashes with the new landowner, a woman who’s capturing his heart even as she plans to sell that precious land to the highest bidder.

Miranda Shepherd’s quirky bar is her passion, but money’s flowing out faster than she can pour a drink. An outsider’s bid to purchase the land she’s long called home will save her business. Only one man stands in Randi’s way—a dangerously handsome and persuasive man who poses equally dangerous questions that rock her whole world.

An unscrupulous trophy hunter wants the game-rich property and he’ll stop at nothing to get his hands on the wolves’ haven and another trophy for his collection. When members of the pack begin disappearing, Britt and Randi must join forces to protect the wolves and save the love of a lifetime.


Loving Deep is the latest book in the Steele Ridge Series and it brings us the story of Britt and Randi.

I have enjoyed each of the books I've read in this series so far, and Britt's story wasn't any different. I love how the authors have been able to deliver stories that are cohesive and nail each character throughout.  I feel like I am apart of this small town, a part of this amazing family each time I dive into a new book. 

Britt's put things in his life on hold for a long time to ensure his family is taken care of and everyone has what they need.  While he's got plans for the future, he puts them aside. But now he's focused on one important thing, saving the red wolves he's been watching for a while. He wants nothing more than to see the wolves surviving on the property and growing in numbers.  But its not quite so simple as that.  Though his work partner, the owner of the land involved knew, understood and agreed with his feelings on the wolves, she unexpected died leaving her daughter in charge.  

Randi wants nothing more than for her business to succeed, but to make sure that is a reality, she's got to have an influx of capital, to get it, she's putting up her mother's property for sale.  Things had been going well with her business until she put her trust in the wrong person and things turned on her.  When a private group is looking to purchase the land, Randi knows there something too good to be true about it, but she doesn't quite know just what it is.  

Britt and Randi don't quite hit it off at first, though there is definite chemistry between them from the start.  There's a little drama between the two over what to do with Randi's mother's land because though her mother had an agreement with Britt, it wasn't legalized and therefore she doesn't have to hold up her mother's end of the bargain, especially when she needs the money.  But as Randi learns more about why Britt wants the land, and as they work together, their chemistry grows and the two find themselves falling in love.  

Loving Deep was full of twists, a bit of suspense, and a realistic story of two people finding love when and where they least expected. But it was also more than that.  It's a story about family and about being who you are, while also being a part of taht larger picture.  Britt and Randi both came across as everyday people to me, I felt connected with them both on many levels and I enjoyed their interactions through the book.  There was just enough suspense to keep me on edge but not to much to take away from the rest of the story.  

Though this was my first book by Tracey Devlyn, I look forward to reading more of her works. 

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