Saturday, June 24, 2017

Title: Pure Hearts
Author: Jeannine Allison
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 22, 2017
She gave me her kidney. I gave her my heart...
Nicholas Blake learned a long time ago that nobody does anything for free. He’s felt the pain of lies and manipulations enough times to know that people only look out for themselves, and that all good deeds come with a price. So when he wakes up from a near deadly car accident and finds out a stranger is offering to donate her kidney, he’s immediately suspicious of her intentions.
What he doesn’t expect is Iris Chamberlain, a beautiful woman with a big smile and an even bigger heart, claiming she just wants to help. The more time Nick spends with Iris, the more he starts to believe in what he always thought was impossible: a pure heart.
But betrayal leaves a bitter mark. Will Nick be able to let go of his past and let Iris in? And will Iris be able to show him what it truly means to have a pure heart?

United Indie Book Blog - “This is a beautiful, raw and emotional story.” Bad and Dirty Books - “Pure Hearts has heart, intention but most of all a story to tell. A story I'm grateful I got to experience.” Becca (Goodreads Review) - “This book is perfection. I have nothing to say. Hurry up and read it as soon as it’s released! You don’t want to miss it out.”


Pure Hearts was quite an emotional journey.  With hints of mystery and an underlying pain, our characters find themselves drawn together in ways they never expected.  

Jeannine has written a story that will grab you and hold you captive to the very end. Nicholas and Iris are deep characters both continuing to face their own monsters from the past not realizing at first they can help each other slay them. When fate brings them togwerher they have no way of knowing just what changes are in store and the journey they will take. 

The angle of the kidney donation made this story unique and offered a spin on things that other love stories do not have.  The twists and turns offer us glimpses into the private feelings of those two and left me wondering if they would be able to grab onto each other and work through their pasts or if they would allow their fears and uncertainties to ruin it all. 

Everything blends amazingly together within this story delivering a powerful love story that shows love can conquer all if we allow it too. 

Jeannine Allison is an author of contemporary and New Adult romance. After waffling between many degrees in college, she finally graduated with a BA in English Literature from Arizona State University.
She loves writing and reading -- obviously :) -- but when she's not she enjoys playing with her two dogs, obsessing over new makeup, drinking coffee, googling new tattoos, and pretty much anything else that allows her to wear yoga pants and a sweatshirt ;)
She is a big fan of being exactly who you are. Her favorite stories to write are about characters finding and loving who they are.


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