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Double Review: Away & Stay by B.A. Wolfe

Book Title: Away
Author: B.A. Wolfe
Released: Nov. 18, 2013
Source: Purchased for Kindle
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What good is running AWAY when you only end up lost? 

Cassandra Pierce had her whole "perfect" life planned out by her parents. One night of pure weakness and lust has her running away from it all and seeking refuge in Alamosa with her best friend. But it seems life has other plans for her when she finds herself lost in the small town of Keaton. 

Jason Bradley is a charming country guy. He lives a simple life that’s nothing like what Cassandra is used to. A single moment in life changed everything he thought he once knew, leaving him with a broken heart and an unplanned future. 

What happens in Keaton is nothing Cassandra or her heart could have ever prepared for. The instant connection she shares with Jason is no secret, but what they're keeping hidden from one another is. Will these two be able to find a way to trust each other or will their secrets tear them apart?

My Review:

This is one of the harder books to review without spoiling anything.  Away is a highly emotional and moving story of love and secrets and the way life sometimes leads us astray.  

Cassandra (Cassie) is running away, hiding something and unsure of how she's going to proceed with her life.  Unexpectedly, she finds herself in Keaton and right into Jason's line of sight.  From that point, nothing is the same. 

Unfortunately, it isn't as easy as Love at first sight. No, Cassie and Jason's story is way to complex to be summed up that way.  They hold secrets dear, they hide themselves away, second guessing feelings and scared to face them.  Each step of this story unfolds more and more of a miraculous love that was meant to be and all the things that can go wrong with it.  

Away struck my heart because it hit close to home for me, I can't tell you what this book meant to me, because that would give away one of the biggest twists of the story, so I'll simply say that B.A. Wolfe definitely knows how to pull you in, and hit you where you least expect it.  

Book Title: Stay
Author: B.A. Wolfe
Released: Oct. 20, 2014
Source: Purchased Copy
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Fate took Cassandra down a path she never expected. 

Then a small town in Colorado gave her exactly what she needed—until tragedy left her heartbroken and devastated. Alone with only her child and her memories, Cassie struggled to put her life back together, one day at a time, piece by piece. Finding love again was something she never thought possible. That was, until she ran into an unlikely stranger who flipped her entire world on its axis.

Aidan had a secret locked away in his heart; one that would surely send Cassie running the second she discovered it. He held onto her closely and kept his secret guarded, but one careless mistake could reveal all.

Their friendship was strong, their moments beautiful, and the love that brewed between them intense—something neither denied. The only problem? Cassie was slowly letting him into her life. Could she let herself get close to the one person she didn’t think she should?

Her mind tells her to run, but her heart tells her to stay.

My Review:

Stay brings us back into Cassie's life, only things have changed.  Cassie has changed, her life has changed, and once again, she finds herself unsure of how to proceed with life.  

In Stay, we are introduced to Aidan, who holds secrets of his own, secrets that he knows would turn Cassie's world upside down even more and secrets that he keeps because he doesn't want things to change any more.  

Aidan and Cassie's path is different than Cassie and Jason's was, but it is no doubt meant to be.  It seems that Cassie and Aidan were made for each other, and though they don't realize it and they both fight as hard as they can, there is no denying their connection. 

Stay was difficult to read on some levels, because Away had made me fall in love with Cassie and Jason, but B.A. Wolfe spun the story so well, that the events of Away that led to Cassie and Aidan meeting just added a different level of shock to the story.  Stay defintely keeps you on your toes in a Will they or Won't they way, but also pulls your heartstrings and brings life to Cassie and Aidan and just how right they are together.  

I thoroughly enjoyed both of these books and together thye built a beautiful, magical story that touched my heart in so many ways.  

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