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Release Blitz: Refrain by Kennedy Ryan

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  ABOUT THE BOOK People dream of a love that runs deep. So deep it feels like it's always been with you, just waiting for the person who'll own your heart and soul forever. So few ever find it, but for Rhyson Gray and Kai Pearson, happily ever after was only the beginning... One of the biggest rock stars in the world and one of the brightest rising stars make a life together. Sometimes it's glamour-filled days and blissed out nights, but it's mostly staying true in the too-bright glare of the spotlight. It's long stretches where the road is lonely and the work is hard. It's living in a love that's the safest place you know even while danger lurks at your door. Book 3 of The Soul series is an emotionally-charged epic conclusion that had to be told and should not be missed for fans of this series and this couple!


Catch up on books 1 & 2! They MUST be read before REFRAIN!

Refrain is an amazing addition to Rhys and Kai's story.  In it, we get to see where they are at now and how they are handling things, including Kai's blossoming career and Rhys new duties as well.  

Refrain brought forth many changes for these two, both good and bad, those known and some unexpected.  Each change, brought forth a need to work through its effects, a need to communicate their feelings with each other.  I love how Kai and Rhys confront their issues head on, there's no beating around the bush really, it's I feel this way because and then they talk it through and even when they disagree, they listen to the other.  It's a beautiful part of their relationship and speaks volumes to how different they are from the circumstances they grew up with.  

This book was just as well written and compelling as previous books, but it also hit a little deeper in parts, I think because of the feelings evoked.  Rhys and Kai are true to theirselves (from previous books) all through out this story, but you can also see how they've grown and changed a little, helped each other become more of what the other needed. There was an element of suspense threaded through some drama, and a few suprising twists, but Kennedy pulled it all together to deliver an amazing continuation of these two and their love story. 

I look forward to seeing glimpses of them (hopefully) in Grip and Bristol's story. 

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