Saturday, August 27, 2016

Release Blitz: Salt Water Wounds by Jennifer Foor

Salt Water Wounds
Jennifer Foor

When a business opportunity arises, Buck insists on trying his hands at something new.
Alice Perry is desperate to sell her bar, but there’s always a catch to any good deal. She’s had her eye on Buck for a long time. When she learns he’s interested in buying her bar, she decides to provide him with an offer no man could ever refuse.

Find out if a broken man from Oyster Cove can love again in Salt Water Wounds.



Salt Water Wounds is a sweet romance that shows us that sometimes love finds us when we're not looking for it. 

Buck's been going through the motions since his wife died, leaving him with six children to raise alone. He's been unable to move on from his deceased wife in all these years because of guilt and a deep abiding love.  But something about Alice Perry calls to him, and when she needs his help, he can't stay away. 

Alice has been through a lot in her life, a traumatizing past, family secrets, and breaking away from an abusive relationship.  She's been making moves on Buck for years, wishing for the type of loyalty and love he has to offer, but never really thinking he'd take her up on it.  When her ex returns to town, intent on making problems for her, she turns to Buck. 

I really enjoyed these two characters and their journey together.  They've both got internal struggles going on, both dealing with things alone for so long, and afraid to let anyone in completely.  Buck's children and their relationship with him add an extra element to the story, leaving you feeling like you know them all.  

This story shows us that love doesn't always happen on our time, that sometimes it smacks us in the face when we least expect it, but that it always feels right.  Buck is the type to love deeply, he thought that meant he couldn't love again, but then he finds himself opening up to it. 

The additional drama from Perry's past issues and ex situation add an element of slight suspense to the story, sucking you in and making you question what's going to come next.  Hints at family secrets compelled me to continue to discover the hidden truths. 

Perry and Buck have a lot to work through, not just together, but individually, but their undeniable connection and chemistry won't let them walk away from each other for very long.  

I look forward to reading more in this series, it will be fun to watch what changes are coming to the inhabitants of this small town. 

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