Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Review: Deja Vu by Cristin Harber

Title: Deja Vu
Author: Cristin Harber
Release Date: 1/24/17
Source: ARC
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A Sexy Doctor and a CIA Spy with Amnesia 

“Amnesia Allie” should’ve been one of Dr. James Tuska’s normal patients: another CIA asset who they wanted well-cared for and then sent on her merry way. Everyday work at his niche medical practice was never that interesting… until she claimed the impossible. “He’s my fiancé.” 

James had never met Allie, yet he couldn’t say no even if he was part of the Agency cover up. Now the Agency wants her dead. 

Between the lies and the hiding, the woman who turned the CIA upside down with three words brought him to his knees. 

And then Allie disappeared… Nothing would ever be the same. 


Did you miss what Titan World is all about? Here’s a recap from Cristin herself:


I am excited to announce the Titan World stories! From military romance and romantic suspense to contemporary romance and paranormal, a few of my favorite authors have jumped head first into our heart-pounding world and penned their stories with Titan twists. You will see familiar characters from popular, bestselling series as they collide in fantastic collaborations! Plus I’m excited to introduce two debut authors who you may already know if you are familiar with all things Team Titan.
Please join me in welcoming the Titan World authors: Claudia Connor, Gennita Low, Jessie Lane, M.L. Buchman, Megan Mitcham, Sharon Kay, Karyn Lawrence, Amber Addison, Anna Bishop Barker, and Tarina Deaton.
Quick Q&A
Am I writing a story too? You betcha! Déjà vu will be Doc Tuska’s story. He’s not a Titan team member, but he is a familiar and constant face in the series—perfect for Titan World!
Which Titan characters will be in the other author’s stories? The authors had free rein. Some took on Titan like missions while others wrote backstories to characters and expanded on their families. They took scenes from current Titan books and expanded in a new direction.
What is the reading order of the Titan World? There is NO READING order (Even if one of the retailers has randomly assigned a series number. Ahem, I’m looking at you, Amazon.).
Okay, now on to the good stuff! You can order your books here:


Deja Vu, like other Titan novels, sucks you into the story from page one.  The story is full of suspense, lurking danger, and of course two people falling hard for each other. 

When Allie wakes up in a hospital room, she has no idea who she is or why she's there. But one thing she does know, something about the situation is all wrong; what she's being told makes no sense. Seeing Dr. James come into her room, she makes a play for his help by calling him her fiance, which spins things in another direction. 

James isn't sure what he's doing going against his orders by agreeing with Allie's statement they were once engaged, but he can't help himself.  And when things spiral out of control, James takes himself further into the mess and danger. 

With every day that passes, Allie finds herself more and more questioning everything she's been told, not knowing who to trust and relying on her instincts she starts to unfold the past she can't remember bit my bit until she finally realizes the secrets she's holding. But is it too late to share them with those who can help? 

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