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Review: Where I Belong by Claudia Connor

Title: Where I belong
Author: Claudia Connor
Release Date: 1/24/2017
Source: ARC
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From New York Times best-selling author Cristin Harber and New York Times best-selling author Claudia Connor comes an exciting collaboration… 

An unexpected meeting at the beach and a young nephew who won't take no for an answer, has Mia Winters' brother, Owen, falling hard and fast. 

Charlotte feels something too, but violently losing her mother at a young age has her afraid to take a chance. 

With only five days, Owen will have to work fast if he has any hope of winning Charlotte's heart. 


Did you miss what Titan World is all about? Here’s a recap from Cristin herself:

I am excited to announce the Titan World stories! From military romance and romantic suspense to contemporary romance and paranormal, a few of my favorite authors have jumped head first into our heart-pounding world and penned their stories with Titan twists. You will see familiar characters from popular, bestselling series as they collide in fantastic collaborations! Plus I’m excited to introduce two debut authors who you may already know if you are familiar with all things Team Titan.
Please join me in welcoming the Titan World authors: Claudia Connor, Gennita Low, Jessie Lane, M.L. Buchman, Megan Mitcham, Sharon Kay, Karyn Lawrence, Amber Addison, Anna Bishop Barker, and Tarina Deaton.
Quick Q&A
Am I writing a story too? You betcha! Déjà vu will be Doc Tuska’s story. He’s not a Titan team member, but he is a familiar and constant face in the series—perfect for Titan World!
Which Titan characters will be in the other author’s stories? The authors had free rein. Some took on Titan like missions while others wrote backstories to characters and expanded on their families. They took scenes from current Titan books and expanded in a new direction.
What is the reading order of the Titan World? There is NO READING order (Even if one of the retailers has randomly assigned a series number. Ahem, I’m looking at you, Amazon.).
Okay, now on to the good stuff! You can order your books here:


Where I Belong is a story about taking a chance on love. It's also a story about how the past affects us all our lives and can take away from us if we let it. 

Charlotte is at the beach for a break, awaiting her father who's supposed to be joining her, she's got no plans but rest, relaxation and reading a book or two.  That all changes with the happiness of a little boy who comes to her near the water and declares that she's his friend.  Charlotte could not walk away from the sweet child, so she gives in and spends some time with him. When his uncle comes over to give her a break, she's struck by his hotness, but she's got no interest in dating. 

Once Owen meets Charlotte, he knows he wants a chance at getting to know her, and he's not about to let her rejection scare him off.  But these two have limited time on this vacation, so he's got to put the full effort in to see if they can make things work.  But Owen doesn't know everything that is stacked against them, meaning Charlotte's fears from the past. 

I loved the mix of Owen's family, how they were so welcoming to Charlotte and even seemed to be conspiring to win her over themselves. The addition of sweet Kyle sealed the deal for me and I was in love with this family.   

Owen and Charlotte have great chemistry and a mutal connection.  I really enjoyed watching as these two fell for each other over a short period of time, but as it usually does, it doesn't come easy.  A long distance relationship takes work, and both people have to want it to make it work, Can Charlotte let go of her fear to give them a real chance? Or will she allow it to take away her chance at a future of happiness? 

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