Monday, December 15, 2014

Blog Tour & Review: Consumed by J.C. Hannigan

Title: Consumed
Author: J.C. Hannigan
Released: December 15, 2014
Source: ARC from author
Links: Amazon ~ Goodreads

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He's tall, dark, and deliciously handsome. Not exactly what Harlow is looking for. Her heart's still stuck on Iain Bentley. But it's been a painful struggle since she last saw him. Two years of silence and wondering; of desperate sleepless longing. And Jax Walker is a hard man to resist. Just as she's prepared to open herself to new love, Harlow's whole world is thrown into a painful spiral.

My Review: 

Consumed brings us to two years after Collide.  Harlow is in college, working hard towards her degree and finding out where she wants to go with her life.  She's still close with Jenna, living together with roommates. She hasn't heard a word from Iain and though she's sort of sworn off all men, she finally meets one who turns her insides a bit with interest.  

In dealing over the last two years with no closure from Iain, Harlow has worked through things herself. She's matured a lot and come to understand things she didn't really see before.  It was interesting to watch as Harlow kind of unfolded things and how she was able to see things from a different light and change her overall take-away from the past. 

Consumed brings Harlow back to other parts of her past she hasn't found closure with, and its true what they say, some demons will take their bite out of you and go away, others linger haunting you when you least expect it.   

I really enjoyed, how J.C. Hannigan pulled this story together.  She shows us how mature and grown up Harlow has become in comparison to how she was in Collide.  Harlow has processed and come to terms with a lot from her past and the changes are evident as the story goes on. 

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