Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Adult Christmas Blog Hop : Sybil Bartel

Thanks for joining us as we celebrate the holidays with thirteen New Adult authors. Check out every stop leading up to December 24 to get excerpts, exclusive content, and hopefully a cutie under the mistletoe! Be sure to enter the rafflecopter to win a grand prize pack of an ebook from every author!

I looked into Carly’s honest eyes and everything stilled. The anger, the fight, the hatred, it was all gone. I felt stripped and raw and worse, desperate. A needy, crawl-up-her-body-and-lose-myself desperate. What the fuck was happening to me? I wasn’t supposed to fall for a woman. I couldn’t need a woman. I used women. I used them before they used me then I moved on. Fuck them and leave. That’s how you survived. Women were shit and I was nothing. Nothing couldn’t get broken by a woman. But this? This fucked-up desperation could.
“Come inside with me,” she pleaded with the temptation of everything I knew was wrong for me.
Drunk, stupid, I didn’t walk away. I trailed my fingers down her cheek. “I wanted to kiss you this morning.”
She didn’t flinch. “I know.”
I threaded my hand up the back of her neck. “You pulled away from me.”
“I know.”
I twisted my fingers into her hair. “I still want to kiss you.”

Turning her face, she exposed the smooth skin of her neck. “Please, don’t.”

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