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Blog Tour: Miss Hollywood by Marie Garner


Today we have the blog tour for Miss Hollywood by Marie Garner! Check it out and grab your copy today!


About Miss Hollywood (The Misses Trilogy- Book 3)

Clare Martin has spent the last ten years in the spotlight, becoming Hollywood’s It Girl. On the surface her life looks perfect, but in reality she’s faltering. And the last person she expects to provide any relief is her best friend’s brother, the man who’s been tying her in knots for months. Alexander Richards has paid the price for every single mistake he’s made. He makes no excuses for what he’s done, and wants nothing more than to find some peace. But that may be impossible since he has to help the woman who’s been driving him crazy since he moved to California. Thrown together in the middle of nowhere, there’s no way to deny the attraction that burns within them. But how can they build a future if they can’t address their own insecurities? And what happens when secrets and lies from the past threaten to pull them apart?

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“Is there a reason you hung up on my sister as soon as I walked into the room?”
“No reason,” she hopped up from the bed and breezed by him, making sure to brush him with some side boob on the way out the door. Damn, that’s mean. To both him and me. “Besides,” she turned back to watch his eyes flash from the contact, “she mentioned something about needing to go get Justin. I was simply speeding her along. And she said to tell you she’d Facetime you later so the baby could see you.” She tried to hurry down the hallway, away from the thoughts swirling after everything she’d learned about him.
“I don’t believe you,” he called to her retreating back.
“Yeah, well we all have our secrets, don’t we?” Take that, she thought. There was no way he was going to let him try and call her out when he never told her he had his own shop. She didn’t care, but it made his actions all the more puzzling.
“Whatever, princess. I’m going to shower. How about you be ready in ten minutes?” His question was punctuated by the slamming of the bathroom door.
“For what? I’m going to say dinner. You need to feed me cause I’m hungry. ” Silence. She didn’t expect an answer, but some advance warning about dinner would have been nice. It was close to six, so she hoped he was wanting some dinner. The shower turned on, and she had about ten minutes to change her clothes and get ready. She changed into a pair of white shorts with red elephants on it, complete with a black shirt and some silver sandals. Clare swore she wasn’t dressing up for him, but she definitely ran a curling iron in her hair and some eyeshadow across her eyelids. She checked her reflection, finishing up her makeup and adding a long necklace and her favorite drop earrings before she was satisfied.
“What are you doing? You are completely gone over a guy you swore you wouldn’t get in touch with?” Great, and now she was talking to herself. But what was she thinking? Nothing, apparently, except the way his biceps flexed when he was trying to reach an out of reach tool, or how much she wanted to lick his tattoo. Slinging her purse over her shoulder she went downstairs to find her brooding mate sitting at the table looking good enough to eat. She was skipping dinner and just having Alex.
“You gonna feed me, right?”
Alex quirked his brow. “You gonna tell me what you were talking about with my sister?”
“I may be tempted by something fried from Grandma’s Porch.”
“Well lead the way.” He allowed her to go first, putting his arm on the small of her back as he escorted her to the rental.
“I thought we decided not to do this.”
“No, we didn’t,” he corrected her, “you said you didn’t want to do this and I told you I was going to change your mind.”
“We’ll see,” she chuckled, enjoying the banter. The silence between them was comforting as they made their way to her favorite restaurant. She loved it there and it was owned by her mother’s sister, so she always got the best service.


About Marie Garner:

Marie Garner is a North Carolina girl who grew up in piedmont and attended college in the mountains of Cullowhee, NC. She graduated with a degree in Social Studies education, and spent several years spreading her love of history and political science to young minds.

Her nose was stuck in a book since she was little, and she spent years writing down all the crazy ideas floating in her head. She has published the first two books in her trilogy, The Misses Trilogy, with Miss Hollywood slated for release in Fall 2016. Her writing explores the complexities of relationships, something she’s all too familiar with as part of a large, crazy family. When she’s not locked in her writing cave she can be found cheering on the Washington Redskins or watching The Walking Dead, and thinks there’s nothing sweeter than a cold Diet Coke.

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