Friday, February 20, 2015

Book Blitz: Playing Without Rules by Rachelle Ayala

Title: Playing Without Rules
Author: Rachelle Ayala
 Release Date: January 26, 2015


A ballplayer's girlfriend hides his daughter from him because she fears he's like his abusive father.

Marcia Powers wants nothing to do with ballplayer Brock Carter, especially after she told him to go away and pursue his dreams. She has more than she can handle with an elderly father, a business to run, and a four-year-old daughter posing as her baby sister.

Brock Carter's back in town to rekindle his romance with Marcia, and this time, he's not letting her run him out of town. Marcia is unable to resist Brock, but determined to keep her secret.

Brock's already lost his heart to Marcia once. Will he lose every dream, including baseball, when he discovers the real reason Marcia sent him away?

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My Review:

When Marcia was a young adult, she made a decision based on intimate knowledge and personal interaction with Brock, to send him on his way out of town for a Baseball career and keep her pregnancy secret.  Since that decision, she's made others as well all in an effort to keep the secret and protect her child. 

When Brock comes back to town, intent on picking up a relationship with Marcia, he's a little confused over her behavior towards and seeming hatred of him. Even still he refuses to give up and is determined to prove to Marcia she belongs with him and he's perfect for her. 

With the secrets she's hiding, and the fear she holds that Brock may become an abuser like his father before him, Marcia is even more determined to keep him away from both her and their child. Her father, on the other hand, didn't get that memo and is doing everything he can to include Brock in their day to day lives. 

Playing Without Rules brings to light some serious issues, dealing with childhood abuse for both the abused and those he has loved. I felt that Marcia was a little harsh in her fear, but I also understood as a mother where she was coming from. There was a major change in Brock from start to finish, and comparing to flashbacks as well, you can definitely see how he's grown and changed and accepted things he couldn't understand as a teen/young adult.  At times the story felt a little rushed, but it came together nicely in the end and I felt that the pain from the past had definitely been healed. 

Author Bio

Rachelle Ayala is an author of dramatic romantic suspense and humorous, sexy contemporary romances. Her heroines are feisty and her heroes hot. She writes emotionally challenging stories but believes in the power of love and hope.

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Fiction: Michal’s Window, Broken Build, Hidden Under Her Heart, Chance for Love Boxed Set, Knowing Vera, Taming Romeo, Whole Latte Love, Played by Love, Playing the Rookie, A Father for Christmas, Claiming Carlos

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