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Blog Tour: Love on Tap by Meg Benjamin

Love on Tap

by Meg Benjamin Publication Date: April 24, 2017 Genres: Adult, Entangled: Select, Contemporary Romance



Wyatt Montgomery knows a barrel of legendary Zoria imperial stout will help his Denver gastropub stay on top. The only problem is the brewery that made it is no longer in business. When Wyatt hears the brewmaster has only one barrel left, he won’t stop until it’s his. He doesn’t consider what this mythical barrel might cost him. And he certainly doesn’t anticipate his reaction to the heart-stoppingly beautiful brewmaster he needs to convince to sell him the beer. When Wyatt rushes into Bec Dempsey’s small-town cooperative offering to buy the last barrel of her precious Zoria, she’s thrown for a loop. She’s been burned by city-slickers before, and she’ll be damned if she’ll let it happen again. But when things start heating up between them, Bec decides to make Wyatt a counteroffer. One she hopes he won’t refuse.



To guarantee the future sucess of his gastropub, Wyatt needs something different. Something special, something to draw in customers over his competition. The fabled last barrel of Zoria sounds like just the thing to do the trick, if he can get his hands on it.

Bec didn't want to close down her brewery and she'd do just about anything to be able to restart it and earn back her reputation. More than the loss of her dreams, the closing of Antero brewery meant a heart break for Bec and a huge loss of trust.  When Wyatt comes into her small town wanting to buy the last barrel of Zoria, something precious to her, Bec knows she can't allow the past to repeat itself; which means she wonders if she can trust Wyatt or not.

Bec agrees to sell Wyatt the Zoria IF and only if he completes some tasks for her in addition to purchasing the barrel. But what neither Bec or Wyatt expect is to find themselves attracted to one another.  With a few unexpected hiccups along the way Wyatt attempts to do just what Bec asked him to, what she needs him to do.

Love on Tap was a fun story, pulling me in from page one and leaving me hooked, curious to see if Wyatt would succeed and what would come of the amazing chemistry that was clear from their first meeting.  The underlying issues with Bec's brewery and Wyatt's competition add just the right amount of drama to the story.  Wyatt's determination to follow through on Bec's wishes, and his quick thinking at times to get his way was entertaining.  Bec's struggles with her trust issues and how she was working through them as she worked with Wyatt made things interesting.

Love on Tap wasn't your usual love story, which really worked for me. The lovely twist on the usual - a female brewmaster made the story a huge win for me.  That it wasn't completely predictable also worked in the books favor.  This was my first read by Meg Benjamin and I'm curious to see what she'll bring to the book world in the future.


Meg Benjamin is an author of contemporary romance. Her books have won an EPIC Award for Contemporary Romance, the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award, the Holt Medallion, and the Award of Excellence among other honors. Meg lives in Colorado with her DH and two rather large Maine coon kitties (well, partly Maine Coon anyway).


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