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Release Blitz: Curveball by Mariah Dietz

Title: Curveball
Author: Mariah Dietz
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 18, 2017


Shakespeare believed there was always humor in tragedy and tragedy in humor.

My life proved his theory as fact.

At eighteen I was a single parent moving to this small town to be with the man I loved. The one who was supposed to love and cherish me in return.

Finding out he had a wife was tragic.
Remaining in love with him in spite of her was more tragic.
My mom and best friend setting me up on a long string of blind dates was an ongoing tragedy.

Nine years later, I’ve learned to see the humor in most situations.

My mom and best friend setting me up on disastrous blind dates.
My son’s jokes.
The fire alarm going off each time I cook.

My constant bright spot always adding to the humor was my son, Hayden. But when Hayden had a life-threatening allergic reaction, the man who came to help my little boy became my own savior. His laugh, his smile, and the way his eyes lit up when he spoke to my son made him a beacon of light in both our lives.

But I wasn’t the only one who noticed him.
When I began having feelings for the man my best and only friend had fallen for, I knew following my heart would once again lead to a fresh round of heartbreak.

Love led me to this town.
Lies kept me there.

Would history repeat itself?

Or had life just thrown me another Curveball?

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“I don’t watch TV at night…” Her voice drifts off, and I know it’s because she realizes I’m going to ask why.

And I do.

“You're going to laugh.”


“It's because I can't hear things.”

“What kinds of things are you trying to hear?”

“I don't know. Strange noises and things…”

“Strange noises?”

“Do I need to spell it out for you?” She’s trying to sound annoyed, but I can hear the smile in her voice.

“Apparently, because I have no idea what you're talking about. What kinds of strange noises are you going to hear? I usually turn my TV up to block out all the strange sounds like the neighbor’s kids and the lady behind me that sounds like Fran fucking Drescher.”

“You know who Fran Drescher is?”

“My mother was a big fan of that stupid show she was in. Stop changing the subject. What are you listening for? Hayden won’t sneak out.”

“What if someone breaks in?”

“You're not serious.”

“Of course I'm serious!”

“What do you do all night?” I ask.

“Work,” she admits. “Well, usually I clean, and then I work.”

“I’m coming over.”

“You can’t.”

The panic in her voice doesn’t make her sound upset about the idea, but afraid.

Is it because she likes me?

“Why not?” I ask.

“It’s like nine o'clock.”

“Are you about to turn orange and sprout a stem?”

“That and I'm not wearing a bra, if you must know.”

“So put it back on.”

“You don't understand. That's like saying put your jeans back on.”

“I am in jeans,” I lie just to get a reaction out of her.

“What is wrong with you?” she cries.

“What's wrong with jeans?”

“They're stiff and uncomfortable. Wearing jeans all day is basically equivalent to walking on sandpaper. But at least you guys have pockets that will actually hold something larger than a thimble and don’t ride up your ass.”

“If your bra is riding up your ass, we have bigger fish to fry than being afraid of the boogey man.”


To say life hasn't been kind to Ella would be putting it mildly.  She's got some good things going for her, a job she loves, a son who is her world.  But Ella's life has been surrounded by lies and pain for so long, she's not sure she knows how to handle anything else.  

When Coen moves in to the neighborhood, he befriends Ella, and her best friend, Rachel.  He's intrigued by the single mother at once, but can see she's distant and not exactly welcoming of a man in her life.  But Coen doesn't give up and the two grow closer as a friendship with Ella and a bond with her son evolves.  Then Coen saves Hayden's life, and cements his spot in Ella's heart. 

Though life isn't done messing with Ella's happiness, her growing friendship and attraction to Coen isn't making everyone else around her happy.  With that brings a bit of drama, leaving Ella to wonder what the point of it all is.  Taking a few more hits to her heart, Ella has to decide what she wants from her future and how she can get it.  

The chemistry between Coen and Ella is vibrant, a deep connection that continues to grow as they do.  Ella's been through a lot, and though she hasn't always made the best decisions, she's trying her hardest now, not just for herself, but for her son.  Ella's getting a different grasp on the situation with Hayden's father with a bit of outlook from Coen - a man who hasn't known all the details, one who can look at things in a different light.  

Curveball is a story about so much more than finding love. It's a story of finding peace with yourself, of allowing yourself to forgive the mistakes you made, and realizing that you shouldn't pay for those mistakes forever. Lies and deceit have made up so much of Ella's life over the last 10 years, each affecting the young woman she was and the mother she now is.   There's so much  more going on within the story, but to spoil any of it would be a disservice to reading the book and discovering all the pieces yourself.  Take this emotional journey with Coen and Ella, learn all about the past, the present, and hold on as they find a way to look forward to their future.

Author Bio

Mariah Dietz lives with her husband, two sons, and two four-legged children who are the axis of her crazy and wonderful world. 

Mariah grew up in a tiny town outside of Portland, Oregon where she spent most of her time immersed in the pages of books that she both read and created. 

She has a love for all things that include her family, good coffee, books, traveling, and dark chocolate. She’s also obsessed with Christmas ornaments and all things Disney.

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