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Blog Tour: The Bars Between Us by A.S. Teague

Today we have the blog tour for The Bars Between Us by A.S. Teague!! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!!

Title: The Bars Between Us

Author: A.S. Teague

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About The Bars Between Us:

I don’t have a damn thing in common with the beautiful rich girl who walks in to my bar. She’s southern class, fancy cars, and designer shoes. I’ve got a drunk for a mother, a cheater for a father, and a reputation for trouble I’ve more than earned. I look the other way, pretending I don’t notice how perfect she is. She wouldn’t give me the time of day anyway. Until she shatters that first impression and shows me she’s so much more––everything I never thought I deserved. After a lifetime of being a disappointment, I want to prove to her that I’m better than my past. We have one tragic thing in common, and the thread that binds us together will tear us apart as it unravels. Are we strong enough to break through the Bars Between Us?  

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I've enjoyed previous books by A.S. Teague, so I was excited about this one when I first read the synopsis, it sounded like something straight up my alley, I wasn't wrong. 

Grace hasn't had it easy, she's got a painful past and a lot going on in her mind. But she's freshly graduated and home to start her new job and get on with the rest of her life. She's strong, smart, and real.   

Bronn's got his own struggles. He's a hard guy to get a read on, but deep down I knew instinctively he was inherently good and I'd fall for him.  

When Grace meets Bronn for the first time in the bar - they don't exactly hit it off. But their second meeting goes quite a bit better and they start getting to know each other.  As they form bonds and grow close, love blooms, but there are secrets from the past lurking, and as they are prone to do, when they come out they send everything spinning.  Can these two find their way through it together? Or is their love doomed? 

The Bars Between Us will tug on  your emotions, it will drag you deep into the story, hurting for the characters, but also falling in love with them and rooting for a happy ending.  You'll find yourself suprised by twists and turns, while also expecting some things.  And you'll see the closeness between not only Grace and Bronn but others around them.  This story delivers the truth that sometimes you can't escape your past - but you don't have to let it define you either.  

About the Author:

 A.S. Teague enjoys the warmth of South Carolina with her husband and two daughters. The stereotypes about peach cobbler and sweet tea are not overstated. After years in the medical field, she is now enjoying every minute of being a stay-at-home mom. She loves wine, the beach, wine on the beach, and crying at Disney movies. When she doesn’t have a book in her hand, she can be found pestering her husband with pictures of animals she wants to rescue, as well as debating whether to exercise or take a nap.  

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