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Release Blitz: Paige Tyler's Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World

Title: Paige Tyler’s Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World
Authors: Various
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 20, 2017

Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World

New York Times Bestselling Author Paige Tyler's DALLAS FIRE & RESCUE is part of Amazon’s Kindle Worlds, which means some of your favorite authors are now adding their characters and stories to her World.

It’s an amazing world filled with the action and suspense of fighting fires and the drama of saving lives, combined with the intimacy of those moments when the heroes and heroines are brought together amid the danger. From battling huge blazes all across the city to saving accident victims to working with all forms of law-enforcement, Dallas Fire & Rescue explores every facet of heroic action and romantic adventure. With heroic firefighters and life-saving paramedics, the possibilities for stories are limitless!

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The Darkness Within Him was a quick but thrilling read. When an unseen memory of a 5 year old murder/suicide come back to the lone surviver, a 17 year old boy with no one, Jax Malloy asks for the help of an FBI agent friend.  But to disocver where this memory leads and what it means for the case would mean taking the teen back to that night, back to the horrors of losing his family and opening a can of worms that might lead to more pain.  

Ryker Townsend tries to keep his special skills hidden, he doesn't need questioned by his ability to solve cases or the things that haunt his sleep. When his friend asks him for help on an old case, a case involving a child Ryker is compelled to do what he can. But he knows it won't be easy, for himself, or Bram.  What he sees in Bram is a strength and will to see it through, to prove what really happened to his family that night and see justice served properly. 

The Darkness Within Him packs a powerful story into a small space - from the build up of rehasing the scene of the crime, unfolding new clues, and learning new things about the past, there is a lot to go on and work with.  Bram's deserperate need to find closure and learn the truth is seen through even without a lot of words.  Jax' desire to help the teen in any way is also clear, so it's no surprise when he is there with everything he can to help.  

The suspense of the story is steady throughout, leaving me to question things as we learn the bits and pieces through the eyse of Townsend, Jax, and even Bram's memories.  It all comes together and delivers a fitting end to the mystery.

Fernando (Ando) is trying to move past a trauma - He's fresh out of rehab and trying to get on with his life, the one thing holding him back is an aversion to the water - to boating as he used to do. An accident took his fiance and the baby she was carrying and afterwards he couldn't handle things. Now that he's back to a good place, he wants to move past the one thing he's holding onto - his fear of the water.  

Jules loves the work she does as an EMT for Dallas Fire & Rescue, she knows her father would be proud.  But one  night she finds herself in a scary position, saving the life of a young woman, she also finds herself in the line of fire of a cult of men. 

When their paths cross as they wind up as neighbors, Ando finds himself attracted to Jules - the first woman he's had any feelings for since the loss of his fiance.  This isn't quite a welcome thing for him, but he also can't seem to push away the developing feelings.  When things take a dangerous twist for Jules - Ando will discover things he didn't know about love, but will it be enough. 

Rescuing Miami was another quick but compelling read, filled with a well-meshed blend of blossoming romance and suspense, it delivered quite the story.  From emotions of understanding waht Ando had been through and how he was still working through it all, to the fear and worry for Jules and what she found herself pulled into, all because of being a good person.  I really enjoyed the build up between these two as they became friends and helped each other which led to things becoming more.  


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