Saturday, July 8, 2017

Review: Two-Man Advantage by Leigh Carman

Title: Two-Man Advantage
Author: Leigh Carman
Release Date: July 7, 2017
Source: ARC

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Viktor is struggling with a lot of personal demons, most importantly is hiding who he really is because of the reaction he knows his father will have to the news that he's gay.  Since he's a professional hockey player - the only real place he can let loose those frustrations and inner turmoil is on the ice; but his team isn't too happy about that lately.

Enter Bo, PR guru extraordinaire - the man brought in to clean up his reputation - off the ice and help him improve his anger on the ice. But from moment one there's much more between the two - some unknown connection - a bond that reaches through the tough guy act of Viktor and breaks the bonds of Bo's control.

As these two work together - they get to know one another and see something in the other nobody else has noticed. Pair that with their major attraction and the combustible chemistry and things go from professional to personal rather quickly. But both of these guys have their own struggles to cope with before admitting to what's between them.

Two-Man Advantage was a quick read that kept me rapt, had me loving both characters, and rooting for a HEA for both of them.  There was some drama that kept things interesting and added a bit of strain to the blossoming connection between these two guys. From Viktor's alternating moods and Bo's trials at maintaining control of everything - it was fun to see them both knocked sideways by their intense connection.

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