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Review: A Thousand Reasons by Mariah Dietz

Title: A Thousand Reasons
Author: Mariah Dietz
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Designer: Hang Le with
Source: ARC from author

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My life is like a coin.
There are two sides.

On one side, I am Leela Walsh: daughter, sister, employee at three minimum-wage jobs.
I cook. Do laundry. Contribute to the debt my family is sinking in.

On the second side, I am Leela Walsh: Straight-A student, top graduate of my class, med student.
No one knows of my brother’s sordid past. My sister’s poor decisions. Or that I’m the first in my family to graduate high school.

The balance between these two sides is nearly impossible to maintain. And it only becomes more difficult when I meet Wes McCleary.

He’s never had a job. Never wanted for anything.
And now, he wants me. 

There are a thousand reasons we shouldn’t be together, and just one that keeps bringing us together. 

Will that one reason be enough? 

Read the first THREE chapters of A Thousand Reasons:


A Thousand Reasons sucked me in from page one, not only with a need to know more about these characters, but with a curiosity to see how things would play out between Wes and Leela.

From the start - it was clear there's a lot to Leela but I wasn't sure exactly who she was at first. It was clear she's got some strength and that she's loyal to her family. Sshe's kind and caring, she's a bit reserved and quiet - mostly it seemed at first because she felt some shame for who she is and where she came from. Leela has never had anything given to her - she's a hard worker with plans to always be a hard worker and earn everything she can. Not just for herself - but so she can help her family. It was interesting to watch as new pieces of her came out as she got to know Wes and his group of friends - they are nothing like what she's used to.

Wes was also a little harder to peg down to his core. He's got a lot going for him, close friends, money, and not near as many family difficulties as Leela. But at his core, he's a good guy.

This story was sweet and light. Though there was touches of emotion, and a little bit of drama - it wasn't angsty. There's a lot of issues between Leela and her family - which sometimes annoyed me because it felt as if there was to much put off on her. The differences between Leela and Wes didn't really cause as many problems as I expected, beyond the initial period where Leela didn't really know about starting a relationship with him.

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