Friday, September 6, 2019

Release Blitz: Breaking Dance by J. Bliss

Breaking Dance by J. Bliss is available now!! One click today!!

BOOK BLURB This is the PREQUEL: Cyber Security Hacker Romel Adcock is concluding his senior year in college while struggling with triggers from his past as the anniversary of the death of his father faces him. His life changes as Victoria Waters the female he has been pursuing whom resists the thought of him being more than a friend is abducted. He sets out to rescue her and she learns more of his dark side in the process. Breaking dance from the fight of their life is something neither one of them set out for but neither will turn from. Will Romel get Victoria to stop thinking of him as a friend or will his rescue mission distance them further? Goodreads link: 


  EXCERPT Victoria I might be losing my mind dancing with Romel. Something about his eye contact makes me burn inside. It’s like we are seductively break dancing. My whole body and soul is communicating at once, connecting a feeling with music and this man inspires me. Hearing the audience is giving me the most incredible sensation as if dancing with him is perfect. Romel does his classic backward, talking shit move. I follow him and throw my legs like I’m on the drill team. Fuck! He lifts my ass, rocking it. Everyone is cheering as if they are waiting for their best friend to finally get their crush on. Romel points, smiling, and I slide my hands to the wet juices he’s demanding to flow between my legs while I lower my body. I rock my hips and this boy keeps flirting with me. I love every bit. This is a straight turn on, he’s rough and I like it! To say he appears to be a beast in the sheets might not do him justice. Romel’s hand trails down the center of my stomach and we are back at seductively break dancing. I catch him off guard and flip my legs over planting myself on my palms. He smiles as if he can smell my juices spilling over. Romel runs his fingers spreading my legs and I wrap my legs around his waist. I’m tossing my head, throwing my hair, and he is slapping my back, pulling his hand to my ass. I hear one distinct scream from the right corner. She might be pregnant or dislocated three vertebrae simply watching. He pulls back, releasing my legs to the floor. DAAAYYYUUUMMM!! I flip over, motioning my finger for him to come here. He moves as smoothly as water flows, and he is so sexy. He should drop the pants. The song is dying out and Romel points at me in appreciation. He steps like he is pledging, while raising his shirt and watching me as I crawl back on the floor. I smile as he reaches his hand, lifting me from the floor and speaks in my ear. “We might have made everyone thirsty.” I push at his chest and he laughs. My heart is pounding as my eyes are sizing his wildebeest ass. I take in a deep breath. “Hell, I’m thirsty.” His two friends walk to his side and my brow raises. I am silently praying to the dance gods for forgiveness. The entire act resembles us going at it on the floor, but I loved every bit! Damn blue eyes and that tongue releasing from his mouth gave me life. I notice Jade’s eyes are watching the tall, vanilla man. India and Jade stride out to my side, clenching my wrists, jumping up and down in pure excitement.   TEASERS



  Influenced by, Maya Angelo, Toni Morrison, Terry McMillan, and her own mother’s prestigious writing, J. Bliss began writing stimulating poetry at the age of thirteen. She dreamt of being an author and never gave up on the passion deep to write that she held within herself. Her first novel originated from a past radio talk show she was the host of, based on many callers that spoke about having marital problems, most of which stemmed from a lack of intimacy. Drawing from her own experiences and struggles, she felt compelled to write Lovers of Convenience leading to Not by Chance. Education J. Bliss is completing her love coach certificate at Lovelology University. Additionally, she is concluding her education working towards a Doctorate at Murray State University. Bliss is a graduate of Clayton State University with a Master's in English, a Master’s in Education from Troy University, a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Central Oklahoma, and an Associate’s degree in Journalism from Rose State College. Her hobbies include reading, writing, teaching, event planning, and drawing AUTHOR LINKS Email: Website: Blog: Facebook:

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