Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Release Blitz/Review: Hated You Then by M. Robinson

Title: Hated You Then
Author: M. Robinson
Release Date: 9/17/2019


I couldn’t remember a time before her... Harley Jameson.

Before she owned me.
Hated Me.
Needed me.

Before I hated her…

Things were simple.
We had an understanding.

Bully. Fight. Hate. It’s what we did.

Mind. Body. Soul. It’s how we loved.

I thought nothing would ever change that, until everything did.

She was mine.
Always had been.
Always would be.
Nothing altered that.

Not how much I hated her.
Not how much she hated me.

Especially, not how much I hated…

That I LOVED her.


Hated You Then is Book One in the Love Hurts duet by M. Robinson.  This book grabbed me from page one, an enemies to lovers book that is So much more. 

We meet our lovers when they are much younger, kids, kids who have made an enemy out of one another and wage a constant prank war that no one can seem to prevent and yet there's obviously more to their hate.  Harley and Jackson kept me on my toes, from one prank to another, from fights and more, I couldn't wait to see what would happen next. 

Hated You Then is riddled with angst, bursts of humor and two characters who suck you in and hold your attention firmly needing to know more.  I loved how Robinson delivered us the interactions between these two from childhood and up - it really gave a firm grasp on the enemy relationship between them and how that evolved through the years. 

This book hit me in all the feels and left me needing the second book STAT. 

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