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Entangled's March Madness: Noah Keating - If Only - AJ Pine

Hero: Noah Keating 
From If Only by AJ Pine

Come along on a journey with me and let Noah Keating woo you with his literary prowess. 

Noah is adorably book-nerdish while also being devastatingly handsome. He's smart and he's witty and he can pull all things literary into any discussion to help make his point.

Spending a semester studying abroad, Noah thinks he knows exactly what he's doing with his life. But as usual, Life steps in and throws him a few challenges.

The first time Noah and Jordan meet, they are trapped on a train, but Noah smoothed it over by pulling out his worn, well loved copy of The Great Gatsby. Instantly, though two strangers, they are connected by one simple piece of fiction. And then after their book connection, he totally kisses her worries away. It's no minor kiss either, its a kiss that is spiraling out of control. 

Noah has such a magical way with words.  Here's but a few stellar examples. 
"You," he says. "you are what came over me on the train. And its not because you're attractive or that you love books enough to quote them back to me. And it's certainly not because you made what could have been an unbearable situation infinitely better."  
"You are unending turbulence. I do and say everything wrong when I'm around you, but isn't that what falling is? It's messy and difficult, and sometimes it even fucking hurts."

"Keep saying that. Will you?" I ask. 
"As you wish," he replies, his lips so close to mine. 
"As you wish." His eyebrows rise as I echo his words. 
"Yeah," I say. "I love you, too."

After a misunderstanding leaves Jordan and Noah on the opposite side of friends, they need a huge nudge to work things out. What better way to do that than being cast into the roles of two of Shakespeare's characters for a performance needed for a final grade.  As they practice for the play, Noah and Jordan fall further for each other though they might not be ready to admit that.  But on the night of the final performance, not only do they nail their performance, but they become Beatrice and Benedick. And really for two literary lovers, what could be more perfect than that.  

In their own comedy of errors, during a rehearsal, Noah and Jordan end up stuck between two doors, and in order to calm Noah down of course conversation turns bookish.
He Takes a breath. "Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something." 
And thus follows an argument over the need to read the book, The Princess Bride, over just watching the movie.  And as Noah says......"You're Missing out on one of the best pieces of contemporary American literature if you've only seen the movie."

Our boy, Noah, might not talk real dirty, but he's not afraid to pull out the big guns, and by Big guns, I of course mean Books.  From Shakespeare to The Princess Bride and even A room with a View and Dead Poets Society. No literary masterpiece is safe.

Noah has a touch of 'bad boy' in him too, brought out of course with tattoos including a new one he gets in the book, "The poets are right." The quote brings things full circle in the book in a way because the quote is from a book/movie that Jordan and Noah argue about in a literature class they share early on in the book.  

“It isn't possible to love and part. You will wish that it was. You can transmute love, ignore it, muddle it, but you can never pull it out of you. I know by experience that the poets are right: love is eternal.” ~ E.M. Forster; A Room with a View

While Noah and Jordan's story in If Only, isn't full of steam, it certainly doesn't lack Passion.  Passion that is shown through many layers.  But mostly Noah uses his Passion for Literary works to prove himself and show his true feelings.  What could be more swoon worthy than that? 

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