Thursday, March 19, 2015

Release Blitz & Review: By Your Side by Karla Sorensen



a Three Little Words novel by Karla Sorensen Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: March 19, 2015 Cover Designer: Najla Qamber Designs


He needs to open up.

Jake Miller likes his life. It’s simple and quiet. Solitary. He’s taking the last thing his mother truly cared about before she died, the properties she owned, and making them his purpose. His time in the Army hadn’t allowed him to be there for her before, but this is something he can do now. Just him and his dog. Exactly how he wants it. Until her, his first tenant. With her innate openness and blinding smiles, the opposite of everything he thought he could possibly want.

She needs to grow up.

Casey Steadman has less to show for her twenty-nine years than she’d hoped. No white picket fence. No 2.5 kids. And definitely no loving husband. Just a few lukewarm relationships, an exceedingly crappy apartment, and a fabulous shoe collection (and the credit card debt to prove it). Moving into her new place is one big, high heeled step towards a new life. The stable, make-boring-mature-decisions kind of life that she needs to be able to prove to her family that she can live. What she wasn’t planning on was her hotter-than-Hades landlord.

Sparks are a-flying, and they’re the kind that can only come from a stiletto-loving, dog-hating, budget-repelling, relentlessly optimistic, youngest of five becoming the tenant and next door neighbor to a stoically silent, slightly pessimistic, ‘my only friend is my dog’, only child and former Army Ranger. Casey and Jake are total opposites. But when they come together, it just might be true love.


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This. This right here, this is how you DEBUT. Karla Sorensen has brought us a dazzling tale with By Your Side. 

Casey is a likeable character right from the start, she comes off as a snarky, goofy girl who has an inner faith that doesn't sway.  Optimism only gets you so far though. I found common ground with Casey being the only girl with a host of brothers. Her relationship with her family shows a lot about her character. 

Jake comes off sort of gruff at the start of the story, not that he doesn't have his reasons, just that it sort of takes a while to really figure him out. He's smart, lonely, and knows just what he wants from life. Or well, thought he did. 

By Your Side is a fun read, it's got lightheartedness, laughter, and a few moments of heartache. There are moments of swoon, and moments of sensualness. The characters are amazing and the way they fit together is smooth and shows how love just simply works sometimes.  When you least expect it life hands you just what you always wanted, you just have to figure out that it is what you want. 

I look forward to reading more books by Karla Sorensen and watching as she makes more characters come alive and brings their stories out into the world.  

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