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Blog Tour: Free to Dream by Tracey Jerald

Today we have the blog tour for Tracey Jerald’s Free to Dream! We are so excited about this fantastic release—be sure to get your copy today!


Author: Tracey Jerald

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Free To Dream:

Cassidy Freeman doesn’t believe dreams come true because every night her dreams trap her in a nightmare she barely escaped as a child. She maintains rigid control over all aspects of her life, giving the illusion she's strong and confident. Allowing very few close enough to see the brave heart buried beneath, she’s convinced she’ll carry her burdens alone.   From the minute they met, Caleb Lockwood disrupted everything by destroying her sense of order. His patience, compassion and sensuality obliterated her defenses. It’s as if he knew her from the inside out.   Helping his younger brother hire a wedding planner shouldn’t have led to this. In just a few short days, Caleb’s learned untold secrets about his family – and about the Freemans. When he demands to meet them, he doesn’t expect the pull he feels towards the petite dynamo in front of him whom life has dealt an unspeakable hand.   With Caleb, Cassidy’s lost her semblance of control. Now, she's not sure she wants it back. Not if giving it up means having a chance at something she never imagined.   Love.  



Things were progressing fast. I didn’t have time for my heart to skip a beat at the husky sound of Caleb’s voice, but my body is a traitorous bitch. I can feel myself squirm slightly under his gaze. As my nipples start to harden, I’m grateful I had decided to wear a military-style jacket over formfitting jeans.
Damn the man for being so gorgeous with his thick brown hair and inky dark eyes.  I realize I don’t need to give him any more ammunition against me. Hadn’t I humiliated myself enough with him for three lifetimes?
Meeting his gaze head-on, I say coolly, “I don’t believe you’ve signed the required non-disclosure agreement in order to have that information, Mr. Lockwood. It’s a damn good thing your brother didn’t share that information, or I would have been well within my rights to terminate his contract and sue him.” I pause for effect. “While keeping the retainer, of course.” I reach for a folder sitting on my desk. “I’m fairly certain we’re past the point where we would solely be keeping just the retainer. In fact,” I snap open the folder, “I know it.”
“You wouldn’t do that,” Caleb says with the charming smile.
The fuck I wouldn’t. “No?” I raise an eyebrow while ignoring my traitorous body. “You want to push us that far to find out?”
“You gave me your personal cell phone number, Cassidy. I would think a good lawyer and a reasonable judge would reason an implied consent.”
“And any reasonable judge would understand it was provided under complete misrepresentation of yourself, Mr. Lockwood. As you remember, you represented yourself as one of the grooms.” I uncross my legs and stand to my full height, fully ready to do battle.
“Calm down there, warrior princess. I see you’re dressed for battle.” He gives my outfit a quick but obvious once-over. Arrogant, cocky ass. He slowly pulls his arm from behind his back and tosses the flowers he’s been hiding onto the desk. Purple hyacinth. Shit. Apology flowers.
“I know,” he says as he saunters into the room, closing the door behind him. “I was a complete asshole.” He read my mind.
“You think?” I huff as I slowly sit back down. I don’t make a move to touch the flowers. “And you could’ve left the door open. You won’t be staying long.” My voice is pure ice, not giving an inch.
“We have things to talk about, Cassidy,” he cajoles.
“No, we don’t.” My mask slips a bit, and I’m suddenly drained. “I’m your brother’s wedding planner. You got what you came for, Caleb. I understand you were pushing my buttons as a kind of test to make sure I could handle the stress of an event this size. I passed, obviously, since the contracts are signed. There’s no need for you to be here.”
“I disagree,” he counters.
“Why does that not surprise me?” I mutter.
“Tsk, tsk, Cassidy. Not nice,” Caleb mocks.
“Should I be?”
“What, nice?” Caleb smirks. I’m about to put him back into the asshole category, flowers or not.
“Yes,” I bite out between gritted teeth.
“God, no.” He throws back his head and laughs, just as I’m in the process of snipping at him again.

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About Tracey:

Tracey Jerald knew she was meant to be a writer when she would re-write the ending of books in her head on her bike when she was a young girl growing up in southern Connecticut. It wasn’t long before she was typing alternate endings and extended epilogues “just for fun”. After college in Florida, where she obtained a degree in Criminal Justice swearing she saw things she’ll never quite believe and never quite forget, Tracey traded the world of law and order for IT. Her work for a world-wide internet startup transferred her to Northern Virginia where she met her husband in what many call their own happily ever after. They have one son. When she’s not busy with her family or writing, Tracey can be found in her home in north Florida drinking coffee, reading, training for a runDisney event, or feeding her addiction to HGTV. Friend her on Facebook page ( or on Instagram (TraceyJerald) to see what antics she’s up to on a regular basis.  

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