Sunday, August 26, 2018

Review: Tough Luck Cowboy by AJ Pine

Title: Tough Luck Cowboy
Author: AJ Pine
Release date: 8/28/2018
Source: ARC from Forever

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What's the saying, bad luck comes in threes? If so, Lily Green is due for something good. First, her divorce is finalized---on her birthday, no less. Then the first job she lands for her catering company turns out to be for her ex-husband's wedding. To top it off, she's stuck working the event with Luke Everett, the sexy-as-hell best man who's never been able to stand her. When can a girl catch a break?

For years, Luke has kept his feelings for Lily safely hidden. Hitting on his best friend's ex-wife would definitely break the cowboy code of honor. But ever since an injury sidelined his rodeo riding, the two of them keep getting thrown together. It's only a matter of time until his true feelings come to light. When that happens, it will either be the biggest mistake of his life, or a sign that his luck is about to change.


Lily knows all about bad luck, about doing the right things and still ending up with the short end of the stick.  It wasn't bad enough that her divorce was finalized on her birthday - but no the wedding she's to cater, the one that will kick off her catering company - it's none other than her ex-husband's wedding. And for the icing on that cake - she's got to work with Luke - her ex's friend.  It seems like everything that could go wrong has - but then life has it's way of striking in the most unexpected of ways. 

Luke doesn't appear to be having much good luck himself lately.  Since his injury has forced him to stay with family and he sees Lily everywhere - he knows that his true feelings for his friends ex are bound to be exposed at any time because he's had it bad for Lily for years - but he did his best to insure nobody knew.  

Tough Luck Cowboy was a fun foray in once unrequited feelings combined with an enemies to lovers touch. I enjoyed watching as the story played out. Both of them had their reasons for being a bit stand-offish at a relationship between them (or in general) and I really enjoyed watching as they worked through that.  Pine built up the chemistry between these two very well and there was only one way for the path to lead these two - if they were willing to take the risk.  

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